vendredi 9 août 2013

Mele V2.0.5 en_US firmware

Yet another update of the "Win8" firmware.

Original thread: V2.0.5 firmware release-A100, A1000, A2000, A3600, A3700 from this forum thread but you will get the Chinese apps and default language.
Only bugfixes in this release (from what I understand from Chinese forums - "other known bug").

Note: I added GappInstaller in this version. You can download the right Google apps, and install them all from GUI. To download, always choose the "Browser" app (and not ES downloader); some javascript stuff need to be run to download properly, be patient. The download status is buggy, check the download status from the launcher.

Customised en_US versionv2.0.5_en_US.img
md5sum 8886691131060437df5322f6af643135  v2.0.5_en_US.img
You need PhoenixCard for this image: PhoenixCardV306

dd-able imgv2.0.5_en_US.ddimg.bz2
md5sum 356a407d4c9cd553faa1df0109d8d6ed  v2.0.5_en_US.ddimg.bz2
Under linux, to burn it, just perform:
  bzip2 -cd v2.0.5_en_US.ddimg.bz2|dd of=/dev/sdX bs=4096
Under Windows, use Win32 Disk Imager

Edit: Fixed the "./ "" /dev/sdc" issue in the sdcard version, please re-download it:
sdcard version (sort of live-cd version): v2.0.5-1_en_US.sdcard.tgz
md5sum 00e8d48568e18555bfe930dcb97bb2d1  v2.0.5-1_en_US.sdcard.tgz
By default, it uses a 4GB sdcard; under linux, uncompress and as root: make DEV=/dev/sdX (X is the device letter of your sdcard)
If you want to change for a 8GB sdcard (you get more space for /sdcard), just change the symbolic link 'partitions.txt' to point to partitions_8GB.txt (rm partitions.txt && ln -s partitions_8GB.txt partitions.txt) before make.
I included the "Spell"'s modifications (removed useless, added an option to zero partitions before formatting, useful for making dd-able images). make DEV=/dev/sdX BLANK=yes if you want to put zeroes in partitions before formatting. 

To sum-up the functionalities of the Mele firmware:
- DLNA renderer, use UPnP to throw pictures/videos to your TV from your mobile phone (via WIFI).
- Mele mobile phone remote control, control the Mele device from your mobile phone (via WIFI), app described here: Mele mobile phone remote control
- webdav server. Don't know how to use it, but lighttpd is configured on Mele to serve something "webdav".
- adb-over-tcp functionality; from your PC, just perform adb connect your-mele-ip-addr to debug you device

Working Youtube v4.1.23:
md5sum f03826bf9ac04e18834d855d9e965482  YouTube.apk

What I added/fixed:
- copied some app/apks (from v1.3.1 fw) in order to support gapps (not tested)
- added ES Explorer
- boot defaults to en_US
- deactivated /system/lib/hw/ (fixes 100% system_server bug)
- deactivated u3gmonitor, findms services (consumes lots of CPU and I don't know why)
- added /etc/init.d capability
- added capability to install gapps if zip present in /mnt/sdcard, by a /etc/init.d script
- removed the Chinese applications (you can still find them in the original in system/preinstall and system/vendor/app, I kept Flash Player).
- added xpad.ko module (found here: MELE A1000 Hacking - XBOX 360 controller support in 3.0.8 kernel)
- added GappInstaller-1.2, a user-friendly app to download and install Google apps.